Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to a Routine!

Here in my area of Florida, we are back to school now, and hopefully, I will be able to get back into a routine soon as well.  I think I had too much off time this summer as I was keeping busy keeping the grand-baby busy!  But she's happily started the first grade and now I can turn my attention toward getting projects done!
The first card I've done this week is one I have titled "A Nest of Roses."  As you look you will see that it is created by allowing a large quilled circle to go awry.  Then I made yellow and white roses and stuck them all about the inside and outer edges.  I put a few short strips of browns down to create a tree branch look.  I added just a few leaves to give a spring time budding effect.  I like the paper I found for the background, as it gives the thought of being in the tree and having a great deal of sunlight peering through the other leaves in the tree.  It was a fun project.
I've also started in on a wreath card project that I think will be a lot of fun and perfect for the holidays.  More on it later!

So in addition to getting ready for the holidays, it's time to get ready for the colorful fall season.  And I've got a couple of ideas on that as well.  I just love fall colors!

So until next time, best wishes to all of you.



Philippa said...

Oh, I love this!! What a great idea to use a 'burst out' coil as the centrepiece. Just brilliant.

Rosie said...

How lovely, I love the idea of a quilled circle gone awry.

Shelly said...

It truly was "gone awry" in this case! I dropped it twice while trying to make a circle. On the second drop I gave up. But while it was sitting there it called out to me to make something with it - so bird nest is what I saw!
Thanks for the comments ladies!!

SUGANTHI said...

really an unique idea!The roses look beautiful.