Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trying a New Medium

Hello!  As a paper crafter I have found that it is definitely a good thing to try new techniques and new mediums from time to time.  Since I love paper, I wanted to play with something I had not used before.  Vellum is a cool paper to me because it can incorporate sparkles or natural elements.  I had purchased some earlier, but never used it.  It just didn't seem to fit anywhere.  But since I've been stamping a little lately, I thought I would try stamping on it.  I had used embossing powders in the past, many years ago, and thought that using them would be interesting as well.  So, I took one of my favorite stamps and used white ink and stamped for as many colors of embossing powder as I had available.  It worked great!  I was excited.  So then I had many beautiful and colorful dragonflies, but they looked lonely just flitting around the page.  I have a couple of different flower stamps, but I needed one that fit size wise and not too cutesy! I found the magnolia and it also stamped well.  I colored in the pedals so that it blended well with the page and didn't look too blue (as you can see through the vellum pretty well).  
I also decided, since I was experimenting, that I would add a bow.  I like the look of a bow, but often feel it's just too much on the front of a card.  So a thin ribbon in a matching shade of blue and I liked it.  Then I needed a sentiment.  I wanted that to pop off the page so that it didn't look so flat.  I layered the stamped and embossed wording with a slightly larger piece that I embossed in silver only.  
So here's the results of my experiment!  I encourage you to play a bit as well.  You never know how much fun you could be missing out on!

Best wishes for a fun week!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

hi shelly... saw your post over at any stamp will do, so thought i'd drop by.

this is just stunning! wow! i'm not a vellum user. but you definitely rocked it.

i'll be back again - for sure.

Shelly said...

Thank you so much for the compliment Stef! I really appreciate that. I'm really enjoying trying new things lately.

Best wishes!