Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching Up!

Last weekend I was ill!  That's no small statement in my book.  I don't get really sick very often, but I was this time!
Anyhow, after a busy week of recuperation I was able to put together a new gift bag.  This one is on a kraft bag with the outside painted a dusty blue.  I added a sheet that had happy birthday written all over it.  Different sizes, fonts, and even colored bubbles.  I cut a diamond in the middle and quilled a two tone brown puppy and added a thought bubble with a quilled bone.  Then I took white cardstock and cut a bone shape and penned to: and from: and added a blue curling ribbon.  It's a cute bag and I'll be doing other sets.  I'm making them sets, by the way, that include the tissue paper and gift card.   I think that there are plenty of folks out there that appreciate everything coming together and having it on hand for last minute gifts.

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Happy Memorial Day!


Jan said...

cutest bag..the bunny is adorable! I hopped over from PCP and am off to look around :)

Shelly said...

Thank you Jan!