Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is a sad start for my readers, but not really if you think about it.  My best friend lost her mother-in-law Monday night.  Flossie was 90, she had 14 children and lots of grandchildren and even  two great-grandchildren.  She lived a full life until the last 7 or 8 years when her age and a bad burn in a fire took most of her health.  Now she's with our Lord and suffers no more - something to be happy about.  
I tell you this because it brings me to the card I made for my friend and her husband.  It was a flat card.  It simply had two red roses at the bottom and the words "With Sincere Sympathy" above the roses.  On the back I was able to add my sentiment.  They know I cared enough for them to make the card.  It helped me realize that I need to make up a few sympathy cards for those unexpected moments.  I pray that my friend and all of her family continue to see death as a part of life and that their sadness is overcome by the joy of the grandchild they are about to receive!

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