Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Day 1 - The very beginning of blogging for MirthfulMary Creations.  I'm very excited!  I've just started sharing my love of creating with people outside of my immediate family and friends.  I created a shop on the Etsy web, which I just love by the way, and have had a couple of sales.  I find that I've been spending every waking moment thinking of something new to create or trying to put something I can see into a card.  Even driving around town, with all of the trees and flowers blooming, I want to put that beauty into a card!  My family is extremely supportive (and my best friend Brenda too!) and for the time being I am going from their advice.  Hopefully, as new people find me, I can get some new prospective on my shop and learn to sell what I have created.  So if you are new to MirthfulMary Creations, please let me know you are there and what you think of my work.

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