Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm back!

Well, it's Friday.  I haven't written all week, mostly because I was quite ill.  Spent Tuesday with Mom, did a little shopping and looking around.   And that's about it.  I was really sick.
But today, I got up, was feeling better so I am working on a new idea!  I am creating a silk screen project that is an angel to be put on cards or tee shirts, that appeared to me from a few opaque green glass shards that my granddaughter had put on the bar.  As I passed by one day I saw the angel and tried to repeat it in drawing form, but couldn't get it right.  This morning, I got it right and put it in silk screen as well.  So I hope to be able to create some card sets from this.  Keep checking Etsy to see how it goes!

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